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For a comical moment, imagine that the C++ programming language was monopolized by a fortune 500 corpricracy and renamed as CorpoC++. Here’s a list of possible SCOL titles that could be conjured up and bestowed on some lucky people in the CC++ business unit:

  • VP Of Exception Handling
  • VP of STL containers
  • VP of STL algorithms
  • VP of Static Polymorphism
  • VP of Overloading
  • VP of Classes, Structs, and Enums
  • VP of Primitive Types
  • VP of Dynamic Polymorphism
  • VP of Idioms
  • VP of Deprecated Features
  • VP of Backward C Compatibility
  • VP of Syntax
  • VP of Reserved Keywords
  • VP of Construction, Destruction, and Copy Operations
  • VP of Boost Feature Adoption

If you think “design by standards committee” is bad, what kind of monstrosity do you think this merry band of anti-collaborative thugs would hatch?

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