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In Memory Of “Chainsaw” Al

ASSume that you’re a member of the infallible leadership team of an impeccable and squeaky clean kingdom like the one shown below. It’s interesting how your “who supervises who” stovepipe chart looks yawningly the same as everyone else’s and yields no clue as to how your borg operates on a day to day basis, no?

Next, assume that everything is cruising along splendidly. The dough is rolling in, everyone feels productive and happy (well, at least you and your cohorts feel that way), and you believe your own rhetoric until — BAM, the fit hits the shan. D’oh!

Of course, being a member of the elite and unquestionably infallible team in the penthouse, the crisis was certainly thrust upon you by forces beyond your control. The world suddenly, instantaneously, turned against you in a perfect storm of destruction. Unlike the good times, in which you naturally look in the mirror for the cause of success, in the bad times you conveniently look out the window for the cause of failure.

So, what creative solution do you conjure up to dissolve the crisis? Well, duh, you don your  “Chainsaw” Al mask and start hacking away at the roots of your borg while leaving the branches that prop you up into the sky intact….

Whoo hoo, crisis solved! Err…. was it? Can the last remaining method of simplification and a pack of golden parachutes be in the offing?

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