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Dilbert Disservice

Merry Christmas and Ho, Ho, Ho! Dear reader, if you don’t want to be negatively influenced today, then please move on and don’t read any further.

Before Dilbert and Scott Adams rocketed to fame and fortune by speaking about the unspeakable, DICsters toiling down in the boiler room at least had hope that the grass was greener on the other side. However, the Dilbert strip has unveiled what many didn’t know prior to its public emergence: the grass most likely isn’t greener “over there“.

Every day, Dilbert and his cohorts drive home the point that dysfunctional corpricracies are as ubiquitous and pervasive as the weeds in your garden. The strip has actually helped CCFs by demotivating DICsters from leaving toxic environments – because now they think that “it’s the same everywhere“. D’oh!

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