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N Minus One Half

Other than chief patriarch, where do you think the best position is on a stratified N + 1 layer corpo org chart? Consider the N – 1/2 position. You know, the coveted “dotted line” reporting position where, for some strange reason, the lowly paid and respected exec admin is always listed with the exalted, treasury raiding conciglieres.  Here’s why it’s my top choice for you to aspire to:

  • By definition, and probably not by your accomplishments (if any), you’re over compensated since you’re so high up on the chart.
  • You don’t have any direct reports or whining sub-hierarchies of people under you to placate.
  • You have the job security that independent, highly paid consultants (who may actually add value) at your level of so-called expertise don’t have.
  • You have unfettered access to the corpo monarch. This gives you virtually unlimited time to kiss arse.

So, are you gonna go for it? Not me. Just give me something interesting to work on with a group of competent people and a PHOR project manager who gets the RIRPRT. Oh, and of course, pay me fairly too.

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