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We’ve All Had Those Days

OMG! Last night, when I was sittin’ near the fire in my dinner jacket, sippin’ my glass of cognac, smokin’ my pipe, pettin’ my dog, and intently reading  Sutter & Alexandrescu’s classic “C++ Coding Standards: 101 Rules, Guidelines, and Best Practices“, I came across this curious passage:

Can you remember a time when you wrote code that used the standard library (for example) and got mysterious and incomprehensible compiler errors? And you kept slightly rearranging your code and recompiling, and rearranging some more and compiling some more, until the mysterious compile errors went away, and then you happily continued on—with at best a faint nagging curiosity about why the compiler didn’t like the only-ever-so-slightly different arrangement of the code you wrote at first? We’ve all had those days…

What on earth are they talking about? That’s never happened to me. What about you?

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