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Liked And Respected

Check out this snippet from “Proofiness: The Dark Arts Of Mathematical Deception“. It talks about people lying in the context of being asked questions by pollsters, but it also applies daily in corpricracies everywhere, dontcha think?

It’s an innocent, human-nature-driven, corpo lie-fest: DICs lie to BUTTs; DICs lie to fellow DICs; BUTTs lie to other BUTTs; BUTTs lie to DICs. Got all that?

When a corpo environment is stable, the lying is kept to a minimum. When org stress rises during times of misfortune and financial instability, the lying escalates. Some DICs and BUTTs lie regularly, regardless of org stability. Uh, wait a minute. Maybe it’s just me who lies regularly in my fruitless search for likeability, respectability, honorability, trustability, noblility, integrity, blah-blah-blah; but you don’t.

An arguable, hypothetical case of SCOL-to-SCOL lying is shown below. It’s “arguable” because the repeated, measured shortfalls between planned and actual results could be totally innocent due to market conditions. What do you think the example represents? Lying? Innocent mistakes? Innocent, but culturally forced lying?

How about the example below? What do you think about these results? Can one make a judgment on “data” alone?

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