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How Many Tines….

…does a fork have? Hoytee-toytee forks have three, and regular-people forks have four. On a totally different plane of thought, how many tines have you considered taking decisive action on something that really mattered to you but decided not to because of your fear of “what other people (especially the hoytee-toytee dudes with authority over you) would think“? Even worse, how many tines have you not taken action on something important to you, but you didn’t know you remained inert because you weren’t aware of your subconscious tendency to submit to authority? Obviously, you couldn’t count how many tines you did this because  if you weren’t aware, you wouldn’t have any freakin’ idea of when to increment your counter.

It is only by risking our persons from one hour to another that we live at all.”- William James

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