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Pick And Own

No, the title of this blost (short for blog-post and pronounced “blow-ssst”) is not “pick your nose“. It’s “pick and own“. My friend Bill Livingston uses the following catchy and true phrase throughout his book “Design For Prevention“:

He who picks the parts owns the behavior. – Unknown

This is certainly true in the world of software development for new projects. For maintenance projects, which comprise the vast majority of software work, this dictum also holds:

He who touched the code last owns the stank. – Unknown

Bill also truly but sadly states that when something goes awry, the dude who “picks the parts” or “owns the stank” is immediately sought out for punishment. When everything goes smoothly, the identity of the designer/maintainer magically disappears.

Punishment but no praise. Such is the life of a DIC. BMs, CGHs and CCRATS on the other hand, clever as they are, flip everything upside down. Since they don’t pick or maintain anything, they never get blamed for anything that goes wrong. Going one step further, they constantly praise themselves and their brethren while giddily playing the role of DIC-punisher and blamer.

WTF you say? If you fellow DICsters didn’t know this already, then accept it and get used to it because it’ll sting less when it happens over and over again. Tis the way the ancient system of patriarchical CCH institutions is structured to work. It doesn’t matter who the particular cast of characters in the upper echelons are. They could individually be great guys/gals, but their collective behavior is ubiquitously the same.

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