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Managers And Leaders

Naturally, everyone has their own personal opinion regarding the difference between a leader and a manager. Of course, I have one too:

Manager = Status Taker and Schedule Jockey (STSJ)

Leader = People Helper and Obstacle Remover (PHOR) first, and STSJ second

Of course, the STSJ function is necessary (but not sufficient)  to stay in business, but the PHOR function is required to increase profitability, instill trust, and build a joyful workplace. In order to grow into a PHOR, a candidate for leadership has got to communicate, and frequently. Hell, if a leadership candidate doesn’t communicate with his/her people, how’s he/she going to know what they need and what socio-technical obstacles must be removed for them to excel? All non-communicators are STSJs – which means the number of STSJs (a.k.a BMs) pervading corpo America is HUGE-UH.

If you have more managers than leaders in your organization, then you’re most likely not having any fun during your daily stint within the halls of your institution. If you have zero leaders in your organization, then your work life is probably horrific. If you have all leaders in your organization then you’re most likely in heaven.

If any organism fails to fulfill its potentialities, it becomes sick. – William James

What’s the Manager-To-Leader ratio (MTL)  in your organization? If you’re “in charge” of a group of people, are you a manager or a leader according to my unscientific, concocted (I like to make stuff up) criteria ?

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