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Mardi Gras

On 2/12/10, which should be the date of this post if I queued it correctly, I will be embarking on a trip to the Big Easy to experience my third Mardi Gras. I’ll be making the sojourn with my best friend Reno and we’ll be staying directly on ground zero (that’s Bourbon Street for the uninformed) till the fat lady sings “syonara” at midnight on Fat Tuesday. One of the reasons I’m doing this is because:

The purpose of life is to fight maturity. – Dick Werthimer

The so-called “fight” is easy for me because unlike most people (you perhaps?) my age,  I’m perpetually told that I’m immature by those “in the know”. OMG, keep that dude locked up behind closed doors!.

Experiencing the sights, sounds, smells (well, most of the smells), and the people at Mardi Gras is like a breath of fresh air and a respite for the weary. Excluding the religious zealots who are constantly screaming “repent or burn” in their megaphones, every person, including each state trooper on horseback,  is in a festive and jovial mood. The creative costumes and innocently weird behaviors that emerge from the spontaneous state of being are sights to behold. Wish you were here!

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