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Guilt And Coercion

In a classic CCH (Command and Control Hierarchy), the only two tools of motivation known to BMs (Bozo Managers) for getting people to sign up for no-win projects are Guilt and Coercion. Bad CCH BMs use both, and really bad BMs with a sweatshop mentality use coercion exclusively. Attempts to instill guilt are often prefaced with “Don’t you wannabe a team player?” or “It’s very important for the company”. A classic coercive one-liner is “Do this project or else!”

So, why don’t many smart DICs (Dweebs In the Cellar) step up and volunteer to lead tough projects?  One reason  is because smart DICs know that the toxic, fragmented, and stifling environment (created and nurtured by the very same BMs who are coercing and inflicting guilt)  guarantees failure. Another reason is because textbook CCHs are bureaucracies and not meritocracies – regardless of what they espouse. Thus, all work is treated the same and everyone gets the same 3% raise no matter how hard they work or how much they neglect their own lives to “get the job done” . Can you think of other reasons?

Guilt and Coercion

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