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Dynamic “To Do” List

While making an iterative pass over the pages in my wiki space, I stumbled upon the goals for 2009 that I recorded on my “Dynamic To-Do List” Page:

  1. Increase my question to statement ratio.
  2. Don’t comment on stuff that I don’t know anything about!
  3. Don’t give unsolicited opinions as much; especially when I know it will piss off someone with a higher rank.
  4. Listen without immediately formulating refutations and alternative views: resist the urge to “auto-reject”. Listen to understand, not to criticize.
  5. Ask “How can I help?” more often, especially to younger folks.
After reflecting on my progress to date, I’ve concluded that I’ve “inched” toward them. I’ve performed best on items 1 and 5, worst on item 3, and below average on items 2 and 4. Man, change is a bee-otch. What are your goals for personal development, and “what’s your status”?
BTW, I don’t look anything like the buff and handsome goal-seeker in the dorky pic above.
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