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Boomerang Effect

Be careful. Be very careful. If you’re at the bottom of the corpo pyramid, don’t even try to break the status quo. Maintaining the status quo in a staid corpo hierarchy is the number one priority of the people at the top of the pyramid. Why? Because they’re at the top, and they’ll do anything to stay there. It doesn’t matter if their actions, or lack thereof, keep the company’s existing products and supporting infrastructure in the dark ages or erode profits, they’ll ensure that they stay on top. Period.

The only thing that a stratified hierarchy is fast at, is fending off attempts to, and squashing ideas designed to, help the company improve. Even if a major idea does somehow miraculously get initiated from the middle or the bottom, as soon as the hierarchs realize that it may result in sweeping change, the crumbling pyramid will do an auto-realignment. Just like that flexible molten metal robot from Terminator III.

To top it off with an exquisite cherry, the top managers will set an example of the poor soul(s) who started the move toward change. The graphic below shows what usually happens. You don’t want to be the guy or gal who tried to kick the field goal 🙂 .


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