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Gym Notes

Gym Notes

I go to the gym everyday (before work) and exercise for an hour. While exercising, sometimes lots of ideas magically appear in my mind. I read somewhere that an average of 50000 thoughts manifest in a person’s head every single day. Depending on what your definition of a single thought is, that’s about 1 thought every 2 seconds.

About a year ago, out of the blue, the simple but idea of bringing a small notebook to the gym came to me, so I did. Ever since, then, I’ve captured lots of ideas from the ether, jotted them down on paper, and followed through on many of them later. On some days, the ideas would flow so freely that I would spend quite a bit of time writing them down. Often, it would take me an extra half hour to workout, or I’d often forget where I was in the workout and repeat some exercises. On the other hand, there would be many days where I’d leave the gym and my notebook would be empty. I’d write NADA on those pages.

Looking back on those days where nothing was/is written down, I’d realized that I was always using my internal mental energy to complain about, or criticize, something or someone in a seemingly endless loop. My ego mind was blocking my “conscious awareness” from shining through and revealing itself through productive and creative thinking. The clouds obscured the ever present sun.

I still bring a notebook with me every day to the gym and I still have (many) days where I leave with the word NADA written in the page du jour. That’s life.

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