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Order Imposition

February 5, 2012 Leave a comment

When functioning correctly, the purpose of “rational thought” is to impose the illusion of order on chaos. As you well know by now, BD00, whose thoughts are dysfunctional, irrationally prefers chaos-squared over order. Actually, he doesn’t prefer it. It’s just the way it is. D’oh!

Biased At Initialization

January 21, 2012 1 comment

In “Thinking, Fast and Slow“, Daniel Kahneman asserts:

The normal state of your mind is that you have intuitive feelings and opinions about almost everything that comes your way. You like or dislike people long before you know much about them; you trust or distrust strangers without knowing why; you feel that an enterprise is bound to succeed without analyzing it. Whether you state them or not, you often have answers to questions that you do not completely understand, relying on evidence that you can neither explain nor defend.

Sheesh. So much for initializing the “Bozo Bit” to the unjudgmental MBAB state and then consciously flippin’ it to one state or the other as evidence mounts over time. According to Dr. Dan, because of the lizard-like,  “fast thinking” subsystem in our (bozo) brains, the Bozo Bit is biased at initialization to either IAB or INAB.

Misconceptions And Truths

November 21, 2011 2 comments

In the modern world the stupid (like BD00) are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt. – Bertrand Russell

Thanks to multi-fish-name dude, I was introduced to the hilariously serious work of David McRaney. In his terrific book, “You Are Not So Smart“, David starts off each chapter with a pair of misconception-truth assertions. He then proceeds to make his case by skillfully citing and summarizing a multitude of psychological studies.

Here’s a sampling of several misconception-truth pairs that I hope will get you to consider helping David out and buying his book:

Of course, being the self-smug, smarty-pants, know-it-all that he is, BD00 held none of the misconceptions and knew all of the truths before buying the book. Mr. McRaney’s work simply added another layer of concrete to the sarcophagus that holds the BD00 UCB comfortably in place.

Full disclosure and hidden agenda: The real reason I’m promoting Dave’s work is because he’s got the funniest web site marquee on the planet:

So what d’ya think? Should I ask for permission to change the “meh” banner on this blog from this boring and bland image…..

to this YANSS derivative….

Smart And Well Liked

October 1, 2011 Leave a comment

You like me, you really like me! – Sally Field

When I’m feeling down and I need a good chuckle,  I like to periodically parachute into the spam community and observe what they’re saying. Of course, since it’s universally known that all bloggers want to be liked and perceived as super smart, spammers “cleverly” try to exploit that opening:

Bravo guys and gals, right on! But jeeze-us, kant yuo git yore seplling wrgiht?

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