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My Accomplishments

May 16, 2011 7 comments

Here’s an idea. The next time you’re being formally evaluated for performance by a “superior” and he/she opines that your written accomplishments are vague, ask him/her for a copy of his/her latest accomplishments sheet – for guidance on how to do it right, of course.

Note: Thanks to Fish-dude for finding the matching Dilbert strip.

Where You Stand

In “Making It Big In Software“, author Sam Lightstone quotes former GE CEO Jack Welch:

You want to make sure everyone knows where they stand in the organization. It’s a leader’s obligation. In most companies, the leaders stand back, and people don’t know where they stand. – Jack Welch

Do your performance appraisal and compensation systems allow you to clearly determine where you stand? If not, do you know what’s missing (hint: a clear and unconfusing connection between the two)? If you do know what’s missing, have you raised your concern to management? If you haven’t raised your concern to management, why not (hint: fear)?

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